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“Sisters Oregon Roofing we offer a vinyl decking system that is completely waterproof for your peace of mind.”

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Vinyl Decking Sisters Oregon

What is vinyl decking? Vinyl decking is a sheet membrane, something like an exterior flooring material. It’s applied over a solid plywood deck or roof deck surface to create a low-maintenance waterproof sundeck. It’s been gaining popularity today due to its unique color, pattern and texture. But how long it will last significantly depends on it being properly installed and maintained. This is what Central Oregon roofing can offer you!

As part of our commitment to providing homeowners with the most resilient and purposeful exterior protection, we offer a vinyl decking system that is completely waterproof for your peace of mind. We have already worked with many home developers and product manufacturers that we have figured the best alternative to traditional roofing systems that is ideal for decks and areas above living spaces. What’s even better is that you have a wide range of subtle colors, patterns and thickness options you can choose from. You can be confident your decking isn’t just appealing but expertly installed by our trained applicators and can be used immediately. On top of that, you will be pleased to know that this type of decking provides a mildew-resistant, non-slip solution for areas that are constantly wet, such as sundecks, swimming pools, hot tubs, boathouses, saunas and stairways – not just your roofing, darling! They are proven and tested durable, attractive and maintenance-free! Totally what you are gearing towards to complete your home’s overall look and feel? We got you covered! Call us today and step into the decking you’ve been dreaming of.

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